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My current creative investigations are focused on the establishment of an emerging form of narrative which integrates biological and environmental sensibilities into the authoring and creation of experimental forms of electronic/digital media. The resulting body of work juxtaposes multimedia/electronica sources over an abstracted structure of biological elements and interactions. The biomimetic foundations in the works include concepts of the re-narration of extinction, the emergence of life, biological time, the duality of sustenance and the internal drama of pain. The aesthetic mediation of these works employ a poetic remix of video/audio origins, and sources that range in scale from the biomolecular to post-traditional ecologies. The resulting works converge content into a ‘biological narrative’ -- a story form or storyweb which integrates the dynamics and vulnerability of life systems expressed through multimedia output including interactive video/sound installations, sonic compositions and digital/live cinema performance as iterative versions.

The continued investigatory path of this creative research is moving forward through the following in-progress project activities: